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This page describes some of our interests and hobbies...

  • Outdoors:

    • Matt and Kristen often spend time outdoors- riding the bike trails, inline skating, or just taking walks. Matt also enjoys disc golf and stunt kites.

  • Music:

    • Kristen plays the piano and flute, and sings as well. Matt plays the piano, trumpet, guitar, and bass. He sings from time to time too. Pictured below are the components of Matt's bass rig, as well as his guitar:

Carvin LB70 bass  Aria fretless bass

Zoom effects processor

Hartke B30 bass amp Ovation Celebrity

  • Church:

    • As members of the body of Christ, we make our church home at All Saints Lutheran Church. Matt is the senior choir director, and both Kristen and Matt are members of the contemporary worship band, Generation Chi-Ro. The band is pictured below:

  • Games:

    • We also enjoy playing games as a family and with friends. We're always up for a few dozen hands of 500 or a couple matches of Backgammon, Mancala, Scrabble, or Yahtzee.

  • Reading:

    • Matt enjoys reading as a way to relax and enjoy free time. Some of his favorite authors are on the Links page.

  • Family:

    • Our favorite thing to do is spend time with family and friends. Please visit the Photo Album to see some examples!