2008 Pictures
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January 2008

Three months old already!

Brothers Aleck and Micah

Aleck and Micah

Rhaena and Micah


Maggie wants in the picture too

Story time

Tuckered out

February 2008

Four months!

Ready for action!

Rub his belly for luck!


Busy guy

More story time

Oliver boys

Making lefse with Grandma Oliver

Brotherly love


Mommy and Micah

Aleck, the toothless wonder

March 2008

Five months old!

Who's the man?

Snuggling with Grandma Reece

Tea time for Grandpa Reece

Grandpa and Micah

Daddy and his uke

Easter best

Found one!

Untangling the Easter Spider's web

Help from Mommy

All smiles

Howdy, pardner!

First nice day for flying a kite

Chinese fish can fly

One more story before bed

The next charmer...

Hey, you...

Love the froggy

Sharing a giggle

April 2008

Super Rhaena!

A great day to swing!

Or bike...

Maggie's keeping an eye on everyone

Sleeping Beauty

Another drummer in training

Working on his rock star face

May 2008

Aleck on the bass xylophone

Ready to ride

An exotic visitor at Grandma and Grandpa Oliver's house

Naptime with a special friend

A kiss from big sis

Smiley again

First taste of peas...

And the reaction shot

I have to eat more?

The boys

Mom said I should smile!

Snap, crackle, and Micah

Marilyn and Mary Jane... the next supergroup!

Plenty of help from the producer and manager

Aleck and Daddy rock the house

Rock on!

Checking out the planes that Grandpa Oliver used to fly


June 2008

Eight months old!

Happy brothers on vacation in Tennessee

All smiles

Manning the grill

Lighthouse crafts

Grandma assisting Rhaena

Finished product

Nicely done

Ready for a country drive

Miniature golf with the whole crew

Measure twice, putt once

Enjoying the shade

All eyes on the RR crossing

Ready for a ride

I think that one's a little small to ride

Rhaena and Fireball

Aleck and Levi

On the trail

Micah's just chillin'

The stablehands

A little shy on horseback

A mighty fine quarterhorse

Thanks for the ride, Fireball!

Where are we going next, Grandpa?

At Ozone Falls

Watch your step, Daddy!

Grandpa's on the edge

Checking out the model trains

There's someone I know!

Enjoying the Thomas display

There goes Percy!

This engine is a little bigger...

Back home in the back yard



and after!

Fresh strawberries from our own strawberry patch!

July 2008

Smiley Micah

It's a big world out there, buddy!

Making a ladderball game as a family project

Wake up, lazybones!

Here I come!

Chalk artist at work

Holding kittens at the Brown's farm in New Providence

Aleck manning the wheel of Paul's tractor

Rhaena's turn to drive

Micah gets a turn too!

No smiles today...

August 2008

Smiles from Daddy and Rhaena

Come on down to the Swingtown!

Chillin' in the pool

Making an escape

Chuckles with Uncle Chris

The big guy is getting around now

Aleck's first day of second grade

Introducing Legos

Princess Rhaena

The birthday girl

Don't you dare smile, boys...

The queen of burgerdom

Piles of pink packages

Go Hawks!

Our sunbeam

Reading a special birthday card

First haircut for Micah


How does it look, Grandma?

Hot rollers next time around?

Elephants on parade at the birthday circus

Nice jacket, Daddy!

Got your nose!

Clowning around after the circus

September 2008

Rhaena's first day of preschool

Nice shades!

Just what I need to watch for a goldfinch!

More birthday surprises

What does this button do?

Our soccer star

Get your game face on!

The vistas of Scott County

Just a little farther...

Efficient transport of goods

October 2008

Clap those hands...

say yeah!

The birthday boy on his new ride

One more fall birthday... Micah's #1!

Ready for cake

What do I do with it now?

Too much partying, man!

Good hustle!

Mudjacking... fun for the whole family!

Extreme closeup!


Might as well just climb in!

Halloween night

November 2008

Still warm enough to swing

The lime green vortex of fun!

Working on "homework"

Helping keep the house, too!

December 2008

This hideout is just right!

Working on the tree

Micah's a great helper!

Just a little higher...

A boost from Daddy

The Oliver family Christmas

Santa made it!

Already tuckered out on Christmas morning

So many Christmas surprises!

Uphill transportation provided by Grandpa

Ready for his first big run!

Rhaena and Daddy trudging up the hill

Christmas smiles

Rhaena with Aunt Allison

Great googly-moogly!

Let's save that one for the spring

Quality reading

All smiles at the John Deere Pavillion

Tractor tire fun