2007 Pictures
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January 2007

Helping on church cleanup day

Making "apple pie"

Sharing a favorite blanket

Snuggling in the kitchen

Gotta love me...

Tuckered out

Best buds

What's with the pink hats, Grandpa?

February 2007

Lego plane

Extreme closeup

Dancing at a family wedding

Hanging out at home

March 2007

Aleck and Maggie

Helping paint the basement

Posing in jammies

Waiting for the St. Patrick's Day parade

Modeling Mommy's makeup

April 2007

Decorating cookies

With sprinkles, of course

Easter egg creations

Easter baskets

Easter baskets

Aleck, the Easter spider

Too cute

The green, green grass of home

Pattern block creation

May 2007

Working in Great Grandpa Oliver's garden

Digging in the dirt

Planting seeds

New pals Maggie and Jake

Ready for anything

When all else fails, read the directions

We need to install a traffic light next

Assistant conductor

High-efficiency convoy

Playing a graduation gig

June 2007

Snuggled up on the couch

Sprinkler fun

How refreshing...

Backyard campout

July 2007

In the new pool

On the swings

Pizza, strawberries, and a nap

Another cute moment

I helped plant these!

Try a few...

Backyard drum circle

Another lego creation

The Reece family band

August 2007

Helping Grandma paint the kitchen cabinets

Aleck is the only one who could reach the back corners

First day of first grade

The birthday princess

A chocolate explosion

Birthday #3 for Rhaena

Pink, pink, and more pink

What's in this one?

One of many birthday treasures

Bubble fun

Dress-up Princess

September 2007

Swimming with Daddy

Dancing at another family wedding

Caught mid-twirl

Swimming with Mommy

Fun in the pool

Practicing the back float


Making cookies for birthday treats

Allison and Rhaena getting in on the act

Birthday celebration at Jungle Bungle

Hmm... clothes from Mommy and Daddy.

The flower ladies

Reading a chapter book with Mommy

Working on a wooden model with Grandpa Reece

We'll save the directions for later

Cowboy Aleck

The finished model

Pile o' presents at party #2

Anybody in there?


Taking a swing at the piņata

Rhaena's turn

There's a new sheriff in town

Rhaena's first hair cut

Thanks, Miss Karla!

Baking with Grandma Oliver

Worn out

October 2007

Introducing Micah Gregory Reece

Born 10-1-2007

8 pounds, 3 ounces... 20 inches long

In the NICU

Meeting big brother Aleck

And big sister Rhaena

Micah and Grandma Oliver

Micah and Grandpa Oliver

Micah and Grandpa Reece

Hanging out in the hospital

Micah and Aleck

Micah and Grandma Reece

Getting ready for his big homecoming

Ready to roll!

Snuggling with Grandpa Reece

One more hug from Grandma Reece

Bath time!

Fresh and clean

40 winks times two

Mamas and babies

Just like Mommy

Maggie's zone

The trifecta

Three wee ones

Micah on the couch

Tuckered out

Pals on the recliner

What up, yo?

Cowboy Aleck and Princess Rhaena ready to trick-or-treat

November 2007

With Mr. Octopus

Visiting with Great Grandma Bonnie

Here I come!

Western Prince and Princess

The little brother

Our little treasure

Too cute for a caption

Reading with Grandpa Oliver

Another little nap

Listening to Great Grandpa Oliver's stories

Meeting Great Grandma Oliver

Oliver generations

Generations plus

Thanksgiving dinner

Micah and Great Great Aunt Mae

Marilyn and Sam

Modeling Mae's gift with Great Aunt Carol

Peek-a-boo with Aleck

Mae and Sam

Relaxing with Great Grandma

Hanging out with Great Aunt Carol

Rhaena and Grandpa sneaking in a quick card game before bed

Micah with Bob and Cheryl

Building with Great Uncle Bob

The finished product

Visiting with Great Grandma Oliver

More Oliver generations

Hanging out with Grandpa Oliver

Just a catnap

Bean generations

Chilling out in the bouncer

Micah and Rhaena

Here I am!

Relaxing with Aleck

Three munchkins

All four little ones

December 2007

Helping feed Micah

Rhaena is a good helper too

All smiles

Micah and Great Aunt Mary Jane

One happy guy

Super cute

Growing up fast!

First round of Christmas presents

Time for tea!

Good-looking gift

Snuggling with Aunt Allison

Micah's baptism on Christmas Eve

Christmas morning by this time

Happy first Christmas!

Ready for a big day!

Help from Aunt Allison and Grandma Reece

Whose towel is this?

Worn out

Micah in his Christmas duds

Sharing a Christmas surprise with Great Aunt Peggy and Great Grandma Phillips

Merry Christmas, Great Grandma!

Christmas treasures

Now what do I do with it?

Snow ninjas

Aleck's first snow bear

Hanging out with Daddy

Getting ready for ice skating... everyone's first time!

Here we go...

Pretty steady!

But not very interesting to watch...

Just like the pros!