2006 Pictures
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August 2006

Who's in there?

Gotta try them all...

Grandpa Reece as the Tickle Bug

Back to the story

Maggie Sue, the newest addition


Rhaena's second birthday party

With Daddy and a giant chocolate cake

New friends

Batting practice


Aleck's turn

First day of Kindergarten

September 2006

Fun in the back yard

Kisses from Maggie

Sitting pretty


Radio Flyer

Now what?

Now we're getting somewhere

Is this spot taken?

Rhaena read herself to sleep

Aleck's turn for birthday cake... orange, if you please

Special guest in the front yard

Sharing Maggie's space

Helping Daddy with the plumbing project

There he is!

October 2006

Searching for the perfect pumpkin

Grandpa helps Rhaena find a good one

Sunday breakfast #1

Sunday breakfast #2

Sunday breakfast #3

A wizard and a very useful engine

Fancy dress

November 2006

Fall fun in the leaves

December 2006

A duet from some not-so-grumpy sheep

The littlest angel

Trade you a halo for a mic...

Grandpa Reece manages the present stack

A pretty pink cowgirl

With Aunt Allison at Christmas time

Uncle Chris is hilarious!

Pink is definitely Grandpa Reece's color

Handing off to Grandpa Oliver

The birthday stars

Christmas morning

Cranky the crane

Sharing the day with Maggie Sue

Which one is Cranky?

The Prince and Princess

All I want for Christmas is a belly rub...

Daddy's uke

I'm not sure that's the most effective way to use those pillows...

Story time with Grandma Oliver

Alabama playground

Balancing act

Can't be worse than a flight simulator, can it?

Mommy's turn

Rhaena too

The frog tree... just for Grandma Reece

The calm among the chaos

All set for a sleigh ride